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The website for videographer and broadcaster Michael Bermingham based in Longford, Ireland. Hello and welcome !


Since 1983 I have been involved in the world of Radio and Disco. This website is an eye into that world where I endeavour to showcase both the past and the present.

In essence, this is my portfolio, CV and life's work presented as a shop window you can browse through.

Here, you can listen to over 250 radio shows, series and mixes that aired on radio or were made for online projects.


I currently present a regular instrumental series on the Mixcloud platform for radio.

Thank you for dropping by, do please scroll down and tab around to check out the content.


I can be contacted at  -


Thanks ! - Mike B 



Latest News: Launch of new music series: Instrumental Gold.


Following on from last years video series 'Mike's Miscellany' is a new series of shows available to hear on Mixcloud. It’s an hour of music from the golden age of the 20th century. Featuring tracks and themes from T.V, Cinema, Orchestra band leaders, Harmonies, Exotica, Jazz and more. So, join me and let’s timewarp to yesteryear with some fab and groovy tunes! Just click on the links here. Enjoy and please share forward.

Mike's Miscellany - Last Webisode
Instrumental Gold - Latest Show
Instrumental Gold on Spotify & Link Free
Instrumental Gold Promo
Latest Chillout Mix Upload
Latest DJ Sets & Mixes Upload
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