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The website for videographer, broadcaster and discjockey Michael Bermingham based in Longford, Ireland.


Hello and welcome !


Since 1983 I have been involved in the world of Radio and Disco. This website is an eye into that world where I endeavour to showcase both the past and the present.


In essence, this is my portfolio, CV and life's work presented as a shop window you can browse through.


Here, you can listen to over 180 radio shows, series and mixes that aired on radio or were made for online projects.


I currently present a regular video series called Mike's Miscellany on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. In addition I upload regular content to the Mixcloud platform for radio.


Thank you for dropping by, do please scroll down and tab around to check out the content.


I can be contacted at  - michaeljamesphillip@gmail.com


Thanks !


Mike B 

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Due to Covid-19 much of life has been on hold these last months. This gave me time to reflect and gave rise for the space for me to create Mike's Miscellany - A regular magazine style upload of lighthearted stories to counteract all the negativity we hear in the news. You can watch by clicking on the video below. I hope you enjoy!

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